We are prepared for the future challenges posed by the international tourism business. This is because we, as a "learning organisation", are able to adapt to the myriad of wishes of our guests and customers in an attentive and flexible manner.

For this reason we align our management style to the maxim of "Primus inter Pares". As the first among equals, each single one of us leads the way for our colleagues and employees with exemplary dedication to good service.

Thus we can rely on our joint performance as team-players, provide one another with mutual support, motivation and inspiration, and take on the challenges posed by ambitious objectives.

Because it is always teams that are cohesive and fine-tuned in their operations who master all realistically posed challenges with excellent performance results – and also celebrate their successes together.

F.l.t.r.: Peter Drubba, Thomas Drubba, Jürgen Drubba and Olaf Drubba.

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Board of Management

Olaf Drubba - Managing Director

Jürgen Drubba - Managing Director

Peter Drubba - Managing Director

Thomas Drubba - Managing Director