Drubba Exclusive

As a long-term expert in promoting exclusive brands we can provide made-to-measure programmes for the out-fitting of retail services on cruise ships, in hotel lobbies, on golf courses, etc.

We deliver everything needed in one package and help you optimizing your margins and increaseing the attractiveness of your offers as follows:

  • Exclusive brand portfolio for the current season and including product schooling
  • Delivery of goods free-of-charge and stock update
  • Optimization of processes for an efficient  work-flow (sales reports, inventory service)
  • High-class merchandise products for special occasions

All of this can be offered with made-to-measure display cabinets for your salesrooms

Professional advisory service, flexible solutions to your problems and a service orientated support are our strong points. In close cooperation with you, we can offer an exclusive shopping experience to your guests.

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