Boat-hire and lake cruise

Already mentioned in documents back in 1050, Lake Titisee is described "as a body of water of imperceptible depth and immeasurable beauty" with many a myth and mystery woven around it. Allow yourself to be drawn into the myth of an unforgettable seafaring journey!

Located merely a few steps away from DRUBBA SHOPPING and the adjoining Restaurant zur Mühle, the galley, which offers space for 80 persons and is named after the roman general Titus, casts off and starts on an exceptional 25-minute round-trip, in the course of which the captain provides a myriad of interesting facts on the lake and its surrounding vicinity.

Rental boats, so-called Donut Boat Specials and electro yachts are available for individualists and smaller groups. Are you in search of something special, a unique and exceptional experience? We organise individual arrangements and cocktail trips, and make the impossible possible for you...


Our boats on Lake Titisee are in dry-dock over the winter months from November until the end of March!

We look forward to springtime and being able to take you back out onto the lake!



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